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  1. When RBI was nationalised?
  2. RBI is a __________ Body?
  3. What is the emblem of RBI?
  4. RBI established on the recommendation of ____________ commission.
  5. ____________ is the largest public sector bank in india.
  6. Where is the headquarter of RBI?
  7. Imperial Bank of India was established on the year _______.
  8. State Bank of India Act passed in?
  9. Presently SBI has ______ associate banks.
  10. SBI is the largest bank in India with branch network of __________
  11. With you all the way – slogan of which bank?
  12. State Bank of Indore was merged with SBI in the year?
  13. State Bank of India was previously known as _____________
  14. Firs Presidency bank was established on _____________ in ____________.
  15. Where  is the headquarter of SBI?
  16. In which year Hilton-Young Commission submitted it’s report?
  17. Who is authorized to issue currency in India?
  18. Reserve Bank of India was established in __________.
  19. When did the head quarter of RBI was shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai?
  20. RBI was initially started with capital worth ____________.

21.In which year, the first bank of India “Bank of Hindustan” was established?

 [A]1870 [B]1770 [C]1795 [D]1880 

22. Which among the following are the correct locations of three presidency banks during British India? [A]Calcutta, Madras, Bombay

[B]Surat, Calcutta, Madras

[C]Surat, Madras, Bombay

[D]Bombay, Calcutta, Surat 

23. Which of the following is the oldest Joint Stock bank of India?

 [A]Allahabad Bank [B]Bank of Baroda [C]Patiala Bank [D]Bank of India 

24.In which year, Paper Currency Act was enacted by British Government of India?

 [A]1862 [B]1861 [C]1852 [D]1875 

25.In which year, Indian Rupee was devalued for the first time?

 [A]1965 [B]1966 [C]1968 [D]1971 

26. In which year, the nationalization of subsidiary banks of the State Bank of India (SBI) was done?

[A] 1955 [B] 1956 [C] 1959 [D] 1980
27The earliest evidence of Banking transactions in India comes from __:

[A]Vedic Era [B]Maurya Era [C]Gupta Era [D]Medieval India 

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