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How to approach IBPS Clerk prelims exam?

Dear aspirants,

This is high time to act smartly in order to clear IBPS Clerk exam 2015. As we have seen in recent exams of IBPS that level of the  exam has gone up, so we need to prepare accordingly.

IBPS wants something extra from you if you are looking for a Banking sector job. What extra???

1. Smart candidate

2. Good communication skills (oral & written) I hope you have got an idea after viewing sectional cut off IBPS PO mains.

3. Good analytical ability - IBPS PO reasoning is proof of that.

So they want cream layer from the  pool of candidate. So try to place yourself there.

Expected question pattern


Numerical ability-

Simplification- 5



DI- 5


Probability & P & c-2-3

Arithmetic- 7-8



Inequalities- 5

Coded inequalities/ coded language- 5


Seating arrangements- 5

Puzzle- 10 (2 set)

Miscellaneous- 5 



Rearrangements- 5

Cloze test- 5

FIB- 5

Error correction- 5

Here is the approach which you should take in order to succeed⇒

First, starting with English section approach: Most of the students find it difficult section and the fact is that most of student do not clear cut off. So guys, Please focus little bit extra on this section.

  • Please start online reading, it will make you comfortable in on-screen reading in the exam.
  • Make a habit of doing passage questions in every clerical exam they ask easy questions so u can get sure shot marks from here.
  • Practice rearrangement questions a lot- You can easily get 2 marks even if find it difficult. How? by identifying first and last sentence.
  • Do vocab question- cloze test: revise tense, articles, past of speech  and preposition. FIB- generally they ask easy questions but please be double sure here.
  • Spotting error-Do it at last, never attempt any questions if you are not sure about it.

I am sure by adopting above tips you will score good marks.  smiley

Numerical ability-   Nowadays IBPS is putting tough questions in this section so do not miss to revise any chapter.

  • Never waste your time on series questions. If if find the clue at first sight then do otherwise leave it.
  • IBPS is very good in shuffling the questions so don't go serial wise, find the easy questions and first do them.
  •  Always solve DI set. Why? as they ask an easy question from DI.
  • Do easy arithmetic  and approximation questions first.


  • Never do puzzle set at the beginning of the section.
  •  Do easy questions like inequalities, Miscellaneous, syllogism first.
  • Find easy puzzles and do them first.
  • Practice some tough puzzles and seating questions from now.

General tips:

  • Always start with your strongest section- it will boost your confidence level.
  • Always try to do clear the cut off each section, don't waste your time in a single section, your job is to clear the sectional cut-off and score more from an easy section.
  • Do your weakest section in the middle of the exam.
  • Never get panic in the exam, if you are not getting the do-able question, just keep scanning there will be a lot of seater questions.
  • And always mind it, the exam is same for everyone, if u have prepared and u find it difficult then don't be panic t others will also find the same. 
  • Please, buy at least two online mock test series, never count  on a single provider. 
  • Solve a set daily, learn from mistakes, analyze mock test and identify your weak areas then work on them.

Time management: Since it is 60 minutes paper that means time management is a key to success.

First start with your strongest section and just give around 15-18 minutes then move to your weakest section and try to clear  expected cut off. Don't get stuck on hard questions just scan the paper and do easy questions first, do not spent more than 20 minutes in this section. Now it's time to do your second strongest section, here you should try to score good score but if you find it difficult then just save 5 minutes from here and spent that to easiest section to boost your score.

First, you should practice above " FUNDA " in mock test,  if you find it good then you should definitely go fot it.


If paper remains same as previous year clerical level then you should target 50+ score.

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