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How to approach IBPS RRB officer scale 1 exam 2015

Dear aspirants,

As IBPS has released the call letter for OFFICER SCALE 1 exam and exam is starting from 5 September 2015. SO, it is high time to decide how to approach the exam. How to score  well in the exam.

Definitely You have some strategy in mind and that is very good, But today, I am sharing some tips to score very well in IBPS RRB scale 1 exam 2015.

First of all it is necessary to know What IBPS OR Banking institutions wants


Answer- Multitasker, smart aspirant, quick learner, aware.

Now think, Are you one of them”? If your answer is yes…then very good if no, then you have to be.

Be imaginative???

Think about what you would feel on final result day if you see your name in final merit list….. blushing

First salary, good life, social value etc….. How good…this word “employed “

Happiness on your face, Happy parents etc.

Now come to reality…. And think are you prepare enough to create this success in real life?

Ans- Don’t know/confused/yes/NO etc… 

Anyway don't worry .... Hum Hai Na Cool

Let's start....

ibps rrb tips

Exam Pattern

  1. Reasoning                            ---------    50 Marks
  2. Quantitative Aptitude           ----------    50 Marks
  3. General Awareness               ----------    40 Marks
  4.  English / Hindi Language (You can choose any of these)
    1. Hindi Language                     ----------    40 Marks
    2. English Language                  ----------    40 Marks
  5. Computer Knowledge           ----------    20 Marks

Composite time – two hours.

As  we all know this year IBPS is going to conduct common interview and has reduced composite time to 2 hours from 2: 30 hour so we can expect slightly lower cut off than previous year.

It is not the time to talk about Cut off but we should assume something, let's assume 125 as a cut-off for good start if exam level remains same as previous year.

Now, know what is waiting for you in exam

  • 200 questions in 120 minutes
  • Time management pressure
  • Concentration on computer screen problem        

Solution :- You can tackle it by

a.  Learning all important concepts and shortcuts 

b.  Practice for improving speed and accuracy

c.  Online exam Practice, to get ready for the exam conditions 

We are left with almost 9 days, and trust me we can do a lot in these 9 days, at leat we can study 60 hours.

 Approaching the examination

a.  Creating an exam approach plan and sticking to the same

b.  Not losing any scoring opportunities – both singles (one mark questions) and Boundaries (5 mark questions)

c.   Deciding quickly to leave questions which can be time wasters (as much as leaving good balls while batting)

   Effectively utilizing the 120 minutes

  • a.  Having time bifurcations across all the sections as you need to achieve section cut offs
  • b.  Having atleast2 time-saving sections-Your strong are…like …reasoning, Math, Banking etc (where you can answer the questions in less than 10 seconds per question)
  • c.  Planning in such a way to be able to go through the full question paper. Sometimes, easy questions come at the end.

Generic suggestions :- Quantitative aptitude

1)Data Sufficiency questions are tricky, time taking and have a high chance of getting wrong, so be careful and attempt them after attempting easy questions.

 2) QA questions are heavy with Number System, arithmetic. Be really good at these three topics.

3) Do not prepare at random. Analyze your performance. If you get a question wrong then look for the mistake and never repeat it again. Just appearing in mocks /st won't help.

4) Don't get into the trap of too many shortcuts and complex formulas. Keep it simple and stupid. The questions are very basic.

Generic suggestions:- Reasoning

For remaining sections of the competitive exams like Aptitude, Current Affairs, Computers and English.. .. Application of your prior knowledge is enough. But for reasoning, along with the application of your previous knowledge, you should use some logic too... You should think beyond the label.  The Reasoning is probably the most important section of the bank exams because Most of us face problem in this section as we find it difficult to finish the section on time. 

Practice  PRACTICE !!!

 One needs to understand the nature of question first from previous year question paper

• Develop the skills of time management to make themselves prepare for solving questions in a speedy manner
• More and more practice of previous year and model question papers will be helpful
• Online test would be a better option to judge your speed in solving reasoning section

Prep Strategy:- English

This section is most crucial part of Banking exam prep, actually many students lacks in this section.

And this is the section in which most students receives misguided guidelines…

I have seen in many groups/Coaching students that they always focus on grammar., Error correction and you know what is worse part of it ???

Basically, it denominates only 5-10 questions…

So we need to do what??

Actually we need to shift our focus on Vocab, Passage, and Rearrangement.

Which actually cover the section.

If we see only Vocab covers – 15-20 questions, Passage-7-15 questions, Rearrangement – 5 questions.


Don’t think it is that easy, obviously not that tough also.

But I will advise to do the same like English for this sections also….read Hindi editorials, learn new words etc.

Pattern-Same as English

Note- Try to give 4 mocks in these 9 days and analyze ..You are doing good in English or Hindi, attempt the actual paper accordingly.

General awareness 

Last - 5 months CA

Budget, Banking awareness, static ga

10 static GA-

Capital ,currency

Asian country Heads

Recent country in news – Heads

Stock exchanges

Folk Dances of States

Important Organization Heads & Headquarters

Banks & their Heads, Headquarters, taglines


Books & Authors

National parks & sanctuary

Thermal power plants, Dams,  Nuclear power plants

Budget, Census

Important Abbreviations


15 Banking awareness

15 current affairs

You can download static GA file from here  

Download static GA pdf


Computer awareness- Very basics questions, revise last 5 year questions, Ms office, and shortcuts, fundamentals of computer

You should solve this section in 10 minutes

Final tips 

  • tips for ibps rrb exam

Try out different test taking strategies: You will have a set test taking strategy by now but it is a good practice to try out a few new ones to see if your own strategy can be improved.  I personally solved questions in 3 rounds. In the first round it was the easiest and familiar questions. In this round I also marked the questions which seemed solvable but not familiar. In the second round I attempted the marked questions and in the third round I attempted the remaining questions.  You can try a few of your own to figure out what is best for you.

Make a list of all important formulas and concepts: If you have a register where you take things down, you should revise it. If you don’t have something like it then you should make one and keep it handy for revision.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Analyze your performance to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to maximize your score from your strength areas while minimizing mistakes in the weak areas. Do not be overconfident and let your ego get in the process of solving questions in your strength area and do not lose out on easy questions in your weak areas.

Practice quick calculations: Go through all the fractions, squares, tables, cubes etc.

Go with fresh mind, don't go with a mindset of that : I have to do 150 questions or 180 questions ...simply give your best nothing else..If you are prepared enough then don't worry.

Have good sleep before the exam. 

Rich at the center on time.

Take two valid ID proof and xerox of that with you, admit card, 2 pen. Cool

Change your attitude. Make one decision strictly. And only try for right decision or don’t answer in case of ambiguity.

All the best! Smile 

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good luck for ibps rrb