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IBPS PO interview experience-Kolkata

Dear aspirants,

Following is a interview experience of a candiate, Diwakar Mishar, who given his interview in Kolkata.


Candidate Name- Diwakar Kumar Mishra
Interview Date : 22th January 2016 8:30 AM
Education :
Interview Panel : Panel 1
Interview Centre – UNITED BANK OF INDIA
KOLKATA 700001

Well, my interview was in UBI, Kolkata head office. There were five member in Panel, 4 sirs and 1 madam. I was first person in panel 1, a little bit tensed….so after document verification around 9:15 I entered and 9:30 I came out of room… Here i want to narrate my experience in detail and want your sincere feedback.

I entered the room and wished them
I: Good morning sirs, Good morning mam
M1: Please have a seat. there is silence for few seconds
M1: so, what is your good name?
Me: answered
M1: As, you are from bihar, then why did not you prepare from patna or muzaffarpur ? why you are in Kolkata?
Me: Answered
M1: where do you live in Kolkata ?
Me: Answered
M1: what is marshaling of balance sheet ?
Me: Answered (looks satisfied)
M2: what is kyc ?
Me: Answered
M2: what is money laundering( as I talked about in kyc) ?
Me: Answered
M2: what is illegal money (as I talked about in money laundering)?

Me: Answered
Me: I relate it to terrorist…but he said terrorists are human beings not money….then I said about terror finance( now he looks satisfied)
M3: where the Provision for Doubtful Debts in balance sheet is showed ?
Me : I stuck a little bit but answered from the help of panel.
M4 : what is primary security ?
Me: a long discussion of 3 minutes as I introduced pledge, hypothecation, mortgage…..but they said it is different….and finally after discussion they let me know…in this question they all are confusing me…but at last they answered.
Mam: what is RBI?
Me: answered..
Mam: what is atal pension yojna?
Me: answered….after introduction only told them minimum limit of pension, maximum limit mam said to me..
M1 : thank u diwakar you may go now..i said thanks to all and left

So they are very cooperative…if u know even a little bit they will support you….

Please give your feedback guys.