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Partnership shortcuts and practice questions

Partnership shortcut and practice set for bank PO and clerk exams : Guys, partnership ,  is an important chapter for every competitive exam not limited to banking exams only and you know what is the good thing about this partnership quantitative aptitude chapter is ? it's an easy and pure concept based chapter.

So before we move to some of the important questions, I suggest you to have a look on following Partnership shortcut and practice set for bank PO and clerk exam.

If you study the following basic concepts then I am sure after solving some practice set you will master it. so let's study 

Partnership shortcuts and practice questions:

Partnership :  What is Partnership ?
Persons,  Two or more than two persons when start and manage the new business in company with of their own choice, the persons start they are called Partners and the trade is done between the partners is known as Partnership.

Ratio of Division of Gains

  • The amount investment of all the partners are for the same time period, the gain or loss amount is distributed among the partners in the ratio of their investments amounts.
  • When investments are for different time periods, then equivalent capital are calculated a unit of time by taking ( Capital x number of unit of time ).

“Profits are always distributed in the ratio of the capitals if other conditions are the same”

This is the baseline of the chapter “Partnership shortcuts and practice questions  .” If the timing is not the same, the profits distributed in the ratio of the products of corresponding “capital” and “time period”.


“Capital” and “time period” are inversely proportional. Capitals are in the ratios of profits divided by corresponding timing. Similarly, Time periods are in the ratios of profits divided by the corresponding capitals. The facts can be summarized as:


(1) P1: P2: P= C1× T1: C2×T2: C

(2) C1:C2:C= P1/T1: P2/T2: P3/T

(3) T1:T2:T= P1/C1: P2/C2: P3/C

Shortcut Methods :  For guys who love shortcuts, so here are some shortcuts of  Partnership shortcut and practice question set for bank PO and clerk exam chapter.


Rule 1:

If two partners are investing their money C1 and C2 for equal period of time and their total profit is P then their shares of profit are

Partnership shortcut and practice set for bank PO and clerk


Example of Partnership shortcut and practice question set for bank PO and clerk exam:-

Ques: A began a business with Rs.450 and was joined afterwards by B with Rs.300. When did B join if the profits at the end of the year were divided in the ratio2: 1.

Sol :      T1:T2 = P1/C1: P2/C2
4 ≡ 12 months
So, 3 ≡? = 9 months
12 – 9 = 3 months Ans.

Ques: Mani received Rs. 6000 as his share out of the total profit of Rs. 9000 which he and Ram earned at the end of one year. If Mani invested Rs.120000 for 6 months, whereas Ram invested his amount for the whole year, what was the amount invested by Ram?

Sol:  let Ramesh invested Rs. x. Then,
Manoj : Ramesh = 120000 * 6 : x *12.
720000/12x : 6000/3000
x = 30000 Ans....

Partnership - Partnership shortcut and practice set for bank PO and clerk exam chapter Practice set :

Most expected questions Partnership chapter for  upcoming exams like SBI , IBPS PO, clerk etc.

Ques 1: Sunita and Ravina started a business by investing Rs 85000 and 15000 respectively. In what ratio the profit earned after 2 years be divided between Sunita and Ravina respectively.

5.None of these

Ques2: A and B started a partnership business investing some amount in the ratio of 3 : 5. C joined them after six months with an amount equal to that of B. In what proportion should the profit at the end of one year be distributed amount A, B and C

5.None of these

Ques3: A, B and C enter into a business. A put Rs. 1000 for 6 months, B puts Rs. 1200 for 8 months and C puts Rs. 1400 for 10 months. Their gain was Rs. 666 . Find out the share of A?

5.None of these

Ques4: Anuj starts business with Rs. 3500 and after 5 months, Brijesh joins with Anuj as his partner. After a year, the profit is divided in the ratio 2:3. What is Brijesh's contribution in the capital?

1.Rs 9000
2.Rs 7000
3.Rs 5000
4.Rs 4000
5.none of these

Ques5: A, B and C enter into a partnership and their shares are in ratio 1/2 : 1/3 : 1/4, after 2 months, A withdraws half of his capital and after 10 months, a profit of Rs 378 is divided among them. What is B's share ?

1.Rs 144
2.Rs 724
3.Rs 500
4.Rs 423
5.None of these

Ques6: .In business, A and C invested amounts in the ratio 2:1, whereas the ratio between amounts invested by A and B was 3:2, If Rs 157300 was their profit, how much amount did B receive?

1.Rs 48000
2.Rs 47000
3.Rs 47400
4.Rs 48400
5.none of these

Ques7: A began a business with Rs. 85, 000 and is joined afterwards by B with Rs. 42,500. For how much period does B join, If the profits at the end of the year are divided in the ratio 3 : 1 ?

1. 8 month
2. 4 month
3. 3 month
4. 2 month
5. None of these

Ques8: Aniya started a business investing Rs. 70,000. Rashi joined him after six months with an amount of Rs.. 1,05,000 and Sagar joined them with Rs. 1.4 lakhs after another six months. The amount of profit earned should be distributed in what ratio among Aniya, Rashi and Sagar respectively, 3 years after Aniya started the business?

1.7 : 6 : 10
2.12 : 15 : 16
3.42 : 45 : 56
4.12 :6 :  5
5.none of these

Ques9: Three friends Ram, shyam and mohan enter into partnership. Ram put one forth of capital for one fourth of the time. Shyam puts one third of capital for one half of time. Shyam puts remaning capital for full period of time. Find the division of profit Rs. 806 among three friends?

1.87 :206 : 520
5.None of these

Ques10: A and B invest in a business in the ratio 3 : 2. If 5% of the total profit goes to charity and A’s share is Rs. 855, the total profit is:

1.Rs 1500
2.Rs 1724
3.Rs 1700
4.Rs 1520
5.None of these

Partnership shortcuts and practice questions answers :
1-3, 2-2, 3-2, 4-1, 5-1, 6-4, 7-1, 8-2, 9-1, 10-1.


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