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Score 25-30 marks in English- Plan

Hi friends,

Welcome to Ibpsprepadda I am Ashutosh, coordinator of Ibpsprepadda . 

Yesterday I asked you to fill a google form/email ID to get help from me to score good marks in English section and I am excited to receive overwhelming response. Thanks for showing interest and faith.
But ye sab to thik hai .....plan & strategy kya hai.....????
Thinking na? I know 
Don't worry ....Mai hu na....haha .... I have plan, strategy everything to help you.



sbi pattern


Most probably it would be same for IBPS PO & Clerk.

English pattern – 40 Marks

Have u noticed?

Passage+cloze test+rearrangement+FIB covers  70% of syllabus & what about rest topic ??Obviously it is 30 %.

So what to do????????????


This section is most crucial part of Banking exam prep, actually many students lack in this section.

And this is the section in which most students receive misguided guidelines…

I have seen in many groups/Coaching institutions that they always focus on grammar, error correction and you know what is worse part of it ???

Basically, it denominates only 5-10 questions…

So we need to do what??

Actually we need to shift our focus on vocabulary, Passage and rearrangement, which actually cover the section.

If we see, only vocabulary covers – 15-20 questions, Passage-10-15(SUBJECTIVE) questions, Rearrangement – 5 questions.

Reading Comprehension(passage)


In general,  IBPS /SBI/Other banking exams aptitude tests have 10-15 questions on reading Comprehension. Mastering this section is difficult, but not impossible.


So in upcoming days we will focus on these things.


Now coming to  point that HOW???


I will use this website, our group,my facebook profile and my facebook page for our group study. 

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I will post practice tests,theory,tricks,questions etc in our group and details will be available on our website.


So you all requested to join this group


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I will start our study from tomorrow. 


I am looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.


See you guys in the group tomorrow and on this website ...please don't forget to join.


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Ashutosh Kumar Pathak