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Work from home in bank-ICICI bank

अब घर बैठे कीजिये बैंक में नौकरी

Fantastic start by ICICI BANK

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Work from home in bank-ICICI bank-ICICI Bank on Monday launched a work-from-home programme for women employee. The company has deployed face recognition technology to facilitate women to work from home and provide access to the bank’s core banking servers under.The platform is designed not only to recognise the employees face; it also logs her out if she leaves her seat or if another face appears within range of the camera.

The technology has been developed by ICICI Bank in collaboration with IIT Delhi.

Under this programme, employees working from home can carry out multiple tasks such as checking documents for disbursement of loans, image-based verification of cheques for clearance, first-level scrutiny of documents for opening of accounts and processing of export-import documents for payments.

On the launch-

Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director and CEO, ICICI Bank said that an internal survey showed that women leave the organisation largely do so on account of childcare, maternity, or because of long commuting.

Kochhar said that the programme was launched internally in the private sector bank few weeks ago and 50 women are currently undergoing it.

The bank has also announced another initiative for women managers with children up to 3 years of age as managerial responsibilities at times require them to travel outside city limits, for client interactions, business reviews or training.

In order to support these employees, the bank has defined a policy to provide them with the cost of travel and stay of the child and a caregiver (family member or child caretaker).

“These two new measures are aimed at creating an enabling environment which will help many women to pursue their careers successfully while attending to the needs of their families,” said Kochhar.

Currently, around 30 percent of employees in the bank constitute women.