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Daily Practice - Reasoning -30-01-2015

Directions for question 1 to 3:

A, B, C, D and E are members of the same family. There are two fathers, two sons, two wives, three
males and two
females. The teacher was the wife of a lawyer who was the son of a doctor. E is not a male, neither also
a wife of a
professional. C is the youngest person in the family and D is the eldest. B is a male.
1. How is D related to E ?
(a)Husband (b) Son
(c) Father (d) Wife

2. Who are the females in the group ?
(a) C and E (b) C and D
(c) E and A (d) D and E

3. Whose wife is the teacher ?
(a) C (b) D
(c) A (d) B

Directions for question 4 to 5:

Arijit, Biplab, Chintan, Debashish, Elangovan, Frederick, Gautam and Himadri are sitting around a circular
table. Some information about the order in which they are sitting is available as follows:

(1) Debashish is sitting opposite to Himadri and to the immediate right of Gautam.
(2) Elangovan is sitting to the immediate right of Biplab.
(3) Arijit is sitting opposite Chintan who is not immediately next to Frederick on either side.

4. Who is sitting to the immediate right of Himadri?
a. Arijit b. Debashish c. Elangovan d. Frederick

5. Who is sitting opposite Biplab?
a. Arijit b. Debashish c. Frederick d. Himadri

6. Who is to the immediate right of Chintan?
a. Arijit b. Biplab c. Elangovan d. Himadri