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Daily Practice 30-01-2015

Directions for question 1 to 3:

A, B, C, D and E are members of the same family. There are two fathers, two sons, two wives, three
males and two
females. The teacher was the wife of a lawyer who was the son of a doctor. E is not a male, neither also
a wife of a
professional. C is the youngest person in the family and D is the eldest. B is a male.
1. How is D related to E ?
(a)Husband (b) Son
(c) Father (d) Wife

2. Who are the females in the group ?
(a) C and E (b) C and D
(c) E and A (d) D and E

3. Whose wife is the teacher ?
(a) C (b) D
(c) A (d) B
Ans –(b)