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Score 25-30 marks in English- Plan

Hi friends,

Welcome to Ibpsprepadda I am Ashutosh, coordinator of Ibpsprepadda . 

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Common English Usage Problems -Part 1

Common English Usage Problems -Part 1


1. a, an The article a is used before consonant sounds, and the article an before vowel

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 There are the groups word.


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Imrove your Vocab- A to Z Emotional words

The A-Z  of  English words that describe emotions.

Some of them :


Angry: "She was angry with her boss for criticizing/criticising her work."

Annoyed: "I'm very annoyed with him. He hasn't returned any of my calls."

"She was annoyed by his comments."

Appalled = very shocked: "They were appalled to hear that they would lose their jobs."

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